Louis La Roche – F.U.B.A.R.

It’s December 1st, and Christmas is right ahead of us. Christmas is all about sharing good memorable moments, and I sure will contribute to that. So here’s my Advent Calendar to you guys! Every day from December 1st till December 24th you’ll get one fresh new song on this blog. Watch out for house, disco, electro etc.! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Facebook page here, and you’ll get updates every day!

British producer Louis La Roche seems quite busy these days as he’s persistently providing his listeners new music this fall. His music is pure sexiness, and this one is no excerpt. This track is a bit different from what I’ve heard from him before as it has a funky electro sound to it, where there are also some quite distinct guitars on it. Though, of course you’ll get the synths and the drums, and not to mention the typical “Louis” vocal sample, which is distinct in almost every Louis La Roche track. This vocal sample is taken from the late, great Luther Vandross. Unfortunately, I don’t know which song it’s from. Hit me up if you know!

Listen and download Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition below!

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Soundcloud:  http://soundcloud.com/louislaroche/



  1. Rob

    The sample is “Touch Down” by L J Reynolds.

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